Attention! Money saving tip!

Since it was launched, the no contract access to Sky TV channels that Now TV provides has gone from strength to strength. The platform allows you to watch Sky TV’s entertainment, cinema, sport and kids packages without a contract and via the internet. It does all come at a fairly good price too. The lack of a contract and being able to cancel whenever I want is the big bonus for me.

We all like to save a bit of money and this little trick worked for me. I wasn’t using the service as much as I was when I first signed up. So I decided to cancel. Just as I did, Now TV offered me my exact same package for over 50% less for an extra 4 months. I can still cancel at any point but if I do, will lose this special price. If you’re loving Now TV and you fancy seeing if you can get the service cheaper, it may work for you too. Let me know if it does!