Three reasons Pokémon Go is good!

Just like Furbies, Tamagotchi’s and Roller Skates did, Pokémon Go has hit us hard! It’s also created a massive buzz right across the world! If you’ve seen hunters out in your area catching Pokémon, it’s a sight to behold. Rather like sheep being herded in a field. I was trapped in a car parking space the other week by a group of young teenagers. For a second, I thought I’d ran one of them over in my attempt to reverse out of the parking space. I got out and asked them what they were up to. It turns out the parking space was good for collecting Pokémon!

If you’re a parent who’s still not sure about letting your kids play, or you’ve been hiding under a stone for a few weeks and you’re still not really sure what Pokémon Go actually is, here’s a very brief outline.

Here are the three best reasons to download and play the smartphone game of the moment:-

1. It requires lots of walking. This means lots of exercise!

So, yeah walking is good for you but this game seems to be a great motivator to getting you out and into the fresh air. As well as walking around tracking nearby Pokémon, the game gives another reason to walk further distances. You can also hatch Pokémon eggs. These eggs are available at Pokéstops but each egg needs you to cover between 2km and 5km for them to hatch. Get your hiking boots on!

2. You get fresh air and sunlight.

It’s not just something that your Mother used to tell you. Fresh air is good for you and you’re going to get quite a bit while you’re outside chasing Pokémon! While you’re out and about, your body will also see natural light, and if you’re lucky some sunshine too. The kids will get more access to vital vitamins that are definitely not available in front of the games console in their bedroom.

3. Believe it or not, it’s educational.

To catch Pokémon, you need Pokéballs (why do I always laugh when I hear that?). You get Pokéballs *giggles* at Pokéstops. Here’s the interesting bit; Pokéstops are located at loads of historical landmarks and interesting places locally and across the UK. Places that without Pokémon Go you may have never visited!

So all in all, this game that everyone seems to be talking about may have already had some bad press, but it also has it’s good points too! What are you waiting for? Get your trainers on, get to your nearest Pokéstop and grab you Pokéballs! Ok, I’ll stop now.