Need a presenter, host or compére for your event??

As well as working within the radio industry for 14 years, Lee has gained experience hosting many events in front of a live audience. He’s just as comfortable on a stage or behind a lectern as he is in the studio environment and is available for hire for YOUR event!

Lee’s experience when it comes to hosting live events is extensive. He’s hosted awards ceremonies, fashion shows, conferences, talent competitions, fireworks events, dance events, charity evenings, Race for Life events, choir concerts and much more.

Using his vast experience as a presenter and with his unique friendly, professional style, Lee can bring a great deal to your event. Lee is comfortable in front of a small audience of hundreds or a big audience of thousands. He can also be available to help organise a schedule of an event and any scripting that may be required.

Some of his corporate clients include Sainsbury’s, Honda, Ty Hafan, Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations, the Welsh Factor National Talent Competitions and Cancer Research UK.

If you’d like to find out how hiring Lee could benefit your event, please email for further information.