Lee pledges support of the White Ribbon Campaign…

The White Ribbon Campaign is a worldwide campaign to end male violence against women. Men and boys across the world are being asked to pledge their support and set an example. You can make a pledge and find more information at www.WhiteRibbon.org.uk.

Bridgend County Borough has White Ribbon status and as a local male Ambassador for the White Ribbon Campaign, Lee met with the team at Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations (BAVO) to pledge his support for the campaign in 2017. The campaign will be highlighted across the world for a week from the 25th November 2017.

Joanne Maksymuik-King from BAVO explained how the Llynfi Valley 20 Project (LV20) was helping to raise awareness of the White Ribbon Campaign specifically within the Llynfi Valley. LV20 was established to galvanise support from organisations such as Bridgend County Borough Council, Community Councils, Public Health Wales, ABMU and to also get local residents, communities and businesses involved in raising awareness and improving the health for everyone in the Valley.

Joanne said  “Between 25th November and the 10th December 2017 BAVO and the LV20P Domestic abuse group are supporting and raising awareness of the White Ribbon campaign within the Llynfi Valley area of Bridgend. We are looking for influential men to encourage other men and boys to take a stand against gender violence. We are looking for positive role models who can inspire and inform people through social media, within their workplace and in communities. We would like to ask people, clubs, organisations and businesses throughout the Llynfi Valley to speak out and pledge their support against violence”.

You can pledge your support at www.WhiteRibbon.org.uk and find out more about helping within Bridgend County and the Llynfi Valley by calling BAVO on 01656 810400.